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We are reputable in keeping our word when it comes to delivering quality travel services for groups in Gloucester, Kineton, and other areas. Our minibuses are kept in the right condition for a range of events and functions including corporate events, weddings, school holidays, and airport transfers. All our drivers are trained to drive safely and efficiently at any time of day. They keep track of the traffic filled streets and events taking place in the area to determine the ideal routes to use. If you are new in Cheltenham, do not hesitate to ask our drivers for directions because they know every part of the city. With our company, you are assured of the peace of mind that you deserve while travelling in Stroud, Comberton and beyond.

We Are Different

Probably you are wondering why you need to choose Minibus Hire Cheltenham while there are many other travel agencies in the Hinton and Toddington. The answer lies in the fact that we are different in the following ways:

  • We offer different packages. You are guaranteed that your travel needs will be met if you choose our company. Unlike our competitors, we offer a range of packages including small group’s packages, large group’s packages and minibus hire services with driver. Small groups may want to go for our properly serviced 8 seat, 10 seat or 12 seat services. Large groups will love our spacious and luxurious 16 seat and 18 seater minibuses. We got you covered if you do not have a driver to take you for sightseeing in Bisley, Bredon, and Chedworth.

  • We offer competitive rates with a single request. While we do not compromise on quality, our rates are competitive. You will save on money from the get-go and yet get value for even buck you spend on travel. Get free and instant quote for the 14 seater and other services today. 

  • Online booking is safe and secure. In a day when cyber crime is on the rise, Minibus Hire Cheltenham does not take any chances. Our systems are safe and secure enough for our esteemed clients. Third parties in Shurdington and Sedgeberrow will never view your personal data such as bank accounts, name and location. We also work closely with financial institutions to solve any hiccups that may arise in the course of payment for services.

  • We partner with you. Our business is built upon friendliness and partnerships. We have kept the same clients for years because we care about their experience as they travel in Cheltenham and beyond. Your feedback and questions are always valued. Talk to us when you are frustrated or even frustrated and we will be glad to make the right responses.

  • We help you to plan. Travelling as a large group can be hectic. This is because every traveller has different tastes and preferences, which must be met fully. Arriving at the preferred destination on time is also daunting given that the traveller may not be ready on time. We come in handy by helping you to plan the entire trip. We will suggest the right pick up places and communicate with you all the way. Also, we offer you quotations on time so that you can raise the fee before the due date. If you are unsure of the type of minibus that suits your group’s travel, we will make the right suggestions. Our dedicated team is also ready to make travel arrangements if for some reason you forgot to book a minibus on time.

  • We have futuristic options. We are aware that as the future unfolds, clients will be seeking for companies that can use different apps and software to deliver a flawless travel experience. Minibus Hire Cheltenham has invested heavily on information systems to allow for easy booking and ideal customer-service provider interactions.

Choosing minibus hire Cheltenham is opting for affordable, innovative, flexible, safe, and reliable travel experience. Call us for irresistible deals now.

Areas Covered


Ever heard of the famous flagship race of the British steeplechase horse racing? This race originated from the humble spa town of Cheltenham. If you would like to learn more about this event, then pack your bags and plan a visit to this borough in England's Gloucestershire and you will get all the information that you need. To help you in your trip is Minibus Hire Cheltenham that is dedicated to providing top minibus hire services to anybody who needs them in Cheltenham. Come to us and we will make your trip count.

At Minibus Hire Cheltenham, we are determined to giving the best services to our customers, be they local residents or international visitors who are coming to Cheltenham for the first time. This dedication to our work has enabled us to be very successful in the minibus hire field in Cheltenham. All our past customers have left us happy and more than willing to come back after receiving our minibus hire services. If you are arranging a trip to Cheltenham, contact us and get your chance to experience what these people did that made them want to go to no other minibus hire company in Cheltenham for minibus hire services.

The main benefit that you will get from minibus hire services from Minibus Hire Cheltenham is the fact that you will get to save money. Our services are given with the best prices owing to the efficient methods of conducting our services that we have been able to adopt over the years that we have been in the field. If you take the time to compare us with some of the other minibus hire companies in the region, you will realise that none of them gives cheap minibus hire services along with the quality from Minibus Hire Cheltenham.

Our Cheltenham minibuses also add to the value that you will get from our services in the spa town. To ensure that they are all capable of meeting and where possible exceeding our expectations, we have made it our personal obligation to get them from automotive manufacturing companies that are known to produce vehicles of exemplary quality. On top of that, we have gone ahead and installed modifications on these vehicles to jeep you safe and comfortable at all times. Some of the modifications include drink coolers, sophisticated tracking devices, very comfortable seats and even sliding roofs that will give you a better view of the surrounding as you travel. All these are meant to make certain you in a position to make the most out of your trip to Cheltenham.

The other thing is the variety of the cheap minibus hire services that are available from us in Cheltenham. To make sure that we have something for everyone, we have made a point of availing our minibus hire services with a wide variety to choose from. Ranging from coach hire services all the way to minibus hire with a driver, you will be able to find whatever you need from us. We have also made sure that our Cheltenham minibuses are available in many sizes so that every group will be able to choose the minibus that accommodates each member comfortably without going with many empty spaces.

Since your comfort and safety are our main priorities, we do all that we can to see to it that our cheap minibus hire services in Cheltenham provide exactly that. One way we achieve this is through extra caution in the hiring of our workers. Right from the call centre representatives all the way to the drivers that you will interact with during your trip, we perform rigorous checks to confirm that indeed they are the best in the market.

To add to your safety, we have an in house maintenance team that conducts through inspection on all our vehicles after every trip to ensure that any fault is identified and corrected before the vehicle is released to you. This team is made up of highly skilled technicians who are envied by every company in the industry. Rest assured that they will not let any of our Cheltenham minibuses to leave our carport with a fault that is not attended to.

Minibus Hire Cheltenham is in the industry of offering minibuses for hire to groups in Cheltenham for a long time hence we are the best people to come to whenever you have a question concerning your group's transportation in this town. Visit minibus us and we will make sure that you have nothing to be dissapointed about your trip irrespective of whether you chose minibus hire with a driver, our airport minibus hire service, our coaches or any other transport service that we give in Cheltenham.

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